Atom-Based Series of Fanless, Cable-Free Rugged I/O Platforms

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A series of rugged and fanless I/O platforms based on the Intel Atom N270 are targeted for providing rugged I/O solutions to the market. The Matrix MXE-1000 and MXC-2000 from Adlink Technology are the result of combining Adlink’s experience in x86 platform design, versatile I/O function development and thermal design to push fanless systems to a higher standard, including a -20° to 70°C temperature range, 5G vibration and cable-free durable structure.

The MXE-1000 and MXC-2000 series are also the first to integrate Adlink’s current I/O design into a computer platform for many application-specific uses. For instance, the compact design and comprehensive I/O of the MXE-1000 make it suitable for intelligent transportation, facility management and environment monitoring applications, and the MXC-2000—fully compatible with Adlink’s full line of PCI/PCI Express data acquisition, digital I/O, motion control and image capture cards—is suited for industrial automation, factory control and test instrumentation applications.

The MXE-1000 and MXC-2000 series include a specifically designed single board computer to fit the respective fanless chassis in which all heat-producing components come in direct contact with the aluminum shell. This allows for the widest operating temperature range among all off-the-shelf fanless computers. To increases reliability and durability, all connectors and components are mounted directly onto the PCB so there is no internal wiring. The design of the MXC-2000 series enables very simple card installation and maintenance compared to other similar offerings on the market. PCI and/or PCI Express cards can be effortlessly installed or removed simply by loosening one screw.

In addition to general I/O connectors such as Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), COM and USB ports, the MXE-1000 series also provides dedicated GbE and 1394b interfaces to support cameras for outdoor or in-vehicle video/imaging applications. The MXC-2000 series includes configurations of two PCI slots or one PCI slot and one PCI Express slot, supporting Adlink’s full lineup of PCI/PCI Express cards, in addition to third-party plug-in cards. The Matrix series is currently available at list prices starting at $550 and $750 for the MXE-1000 and MXC-2000, respectively.

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