“Compact” COM Express Module with Atom N270 and 945GSE Express Chipset

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A “Compact” COM Express module measuring 95 mm x 95 mm is fully compatible with the Type 2 pin-out of the PICMG COM Express specification. This highly integrated Express-ATC “Compact” size COM Express module from Adlink Technology is an off-the-shelf building block that is ready to plug into custom-made, application-specific carrier boards for embedded and mobile applications. The Express-ATC is positioned as an entry level COM Express module for systems that require a full set of graphics features in a very small package. Its target applications are Medical Diagnostics and Medical Imaging, Gaming, Industrial Automation, Test and Measurement and Industrial Control.

Based on the ultra-low-power Intel Atom N270 processor and Mobile Intel 945GSE Express chipset, the Express-ATC comes with integrated support for high resolution CRT, single/dual channel LVDS and TV out (SDTV and HDTV). In addition to the onboard integrated graphics, the chipset’s SDVO bus can be used to connect to DVI, TMDS or additional LVDS device controllers by extension to a custom designed carrier. 

The Express-ATC supports up to 2 Gbytes of DDR2 533 MHz memory on a single SODIMM socket. The module supports three PCI Express x1 lanes via the Intel I/O Controller Hub 7-M (ICH7-M) Southbridge, one Gigabit Ethernet connection and two SATA channels. Legacy support is provided for a single Parallel ATA channel, 32-bit PCI and Low Pin Count bus (LPC).

The Express-ATC supports onboard IDE-based Solid State Drive (SSD) up to 8 Gbytes, and comes standard with an integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2) providing secure storage of encryption keys for system and data protection. The module is equipped with AMIBIOS8 supporting embedded features such as Remote Console, CMOS backup, CPU and System Monitoring, Watchdog Timer and OEM Splash Screen. Positioned for portable and mobile applications, the Express-ATC BIOS supports ACPI-based Smart Battery for single or dual smart battery subsystems.

Adlink provides schematics, mechanical files, design guides, R&D support, product review service and BIOS customization for companies that are doing their own carrier board design. Adlink also offers full development and production services for those who wish to outsource their carrier board’s design and/or manufacturing. The list price is $850 with 2 Gbyte RAM, a 4 Gbyte solid-state drive and a heatsink.

ADLINK Technology

San Jose, CA.

(408) 360-0200.