Dual Quad-Core 6U CompactPCI Intel Xeon Processor Blade with Server Class Intel 5100 Memory Controller Hub

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Pushing more power into networking systems, a PICMG 2.0-compliant 6U CompactPCI dual-processor blade features up to two Quad-Core Harpertown or Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processors, server class Intel 5100 San Clemente chipset, four SO-RDIMM sockets for up to 16 Gbyte DDR2-667 registered ECC memory and 1066 MHz front side bus. The cPCI-6920 from ADlink Technology provides network and military equipment providers and telecom equipment manufacturers with higher memory capacity and up to eight times the computing power of previous single-core products.

In addition to multicore computing power, ADlink’s new cPCI-6920 offers a 64-bit/66 MHz PMC or x8 PCI-Express XMC site for high-speed I/O expansion, such as 10Gigabit Ethernet and high-end graphics. The cPCI-6920 brings RAID 0/1-enabled SATA/SCSI storage device support via a rear transition module (RTM), and reserves space for a 2.5” Serial ATA hard drive directly mounted on the SBC and RTM. A CompactFlash slot and embedded 4Gbyte USB NAND flash are additional storage options. Available I/O includes four RJ-45 GbE ports, eight USB 2.0 ports, two DB-9 serial ports and a DB-15 analog graphics port. With its comprehensive feature set, the cPCI-6920 offers high-density computing power and data throughput performance, as well as providing flexible I/O and storage options.

Available in 4HP(cPCI-6920) and 8HP (cPCI-6920D) CompactPCI form factors, the single-slot version provides one CPU socket, which can be equipped with one Quad-Core Intel Xeon (L5408) or one Dual-Core Intel Xeon (LV 5138) processor, and provides two SO-RDIMM sockets for up to 8 Gbyte memory capacity. The dual-slot version provides two CPU sockets, which can be equipped with two Quad-Core Intel Xeon (L5408) or two Dual-Core Intel Xeon (LV 5138) processors, and provides four SO-RDIMM sockets for up to 16 Gbyte memory capacity. The cPCI-6920 implements an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (PICMG 2.9) to provide a standard interface for system administrators in a central office to monitor server status. The cPCI-6920 supports up to 64-bit/133 MHz CompactPCI bus and can be operated in a system slot as master or peripheral slot as a stand-alone server. The cPCI-6920 Series is validated for use with Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Fedora Core 8 and Vxworks 6.6. Single unit pricing is $3,895.

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