Keeping Your Cool with MicroTCA

Keeping Your Cool with MicroTCA The increase in energy density of MicroTCA’s smaller form-factors makes thermal design an important consideration in systems based on this architecture. STUART JAMIESON, EMERSON NETWORK POWER In 2003, the PCI [More…]

IoT / M2M

Echoing Government’s Productivity 4.0, IoT Automation Boosts Taiwan’s Competitiveness

Whitepaper July, 2015 Built upon smart automation, the Productivity 4.0 aims for smart automatic production, service, and agriculture to renovate industries like machine tools, metal processing, consumer electronics, food, health care, logistics, and agriculture. Combining [More…]


IP-based Communications Build up Smart Factories

June 26.2015 Built upon Industry 4.0, the essence of smart factory lies in a well-connected communication network which allows for automated manufacturing, remote production monitoring, and smooth operations. The communication network as a key role [More…]


Internet of Things Transforms Connected Health Applications

Internet of Things Transforms Connected Health Applications   Connected medicine relies on embedded computing systems with low power consumption, high processing power and good graphics capabilities. Designers are tapping processor advancements, pre-validated building blocks and [More…]